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Dikshitar - for every auspicious start

Dikshitar- for every auspicious start

Hamsadhvani is usually chosen as the commencing auspicious ragam in most of the Carnatic music concerts(usually after the rendering of the opening warm-up piece, a varnam), and the kriti often chosen for this purpose is the customary “vatapi ganapatim bhajeham” composed by Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar, It has been quoted that “the language of this song reflects the classical heritage, and its theme the religious background, the esoteric erudition and their special features which marked out its composer”. The ragam Hamsadhvani is an invention of his father, the musical genius, Sri Ramaswami Dikshitar (1735 – 1817 A.D.), who was a prolific composer of some ingenious kriti formats and numerous ragamalikas, including the longest ragatalamalika (a garland of numerous ragams and talams, the ashtottarasataragatalamalika consisting of 108 ragams and 108 talams, with the remarkable feature that the name of each ragam and each talam is cleverly woven into the text of the kriti.

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